7 Tips To Optimize Your Massage Experience

Stoddard Worman
September 08, 2020

Getting regular massages can have a huge positive affect on your overall health and body condition. Beyond scheduling and getting a massage often, there are things you can do before and after the massage to make it more effective and make the effects last longer. Here are some tips one how to make your next massage better than the last:

  1. Eating Before Your Massage
    Eating before your massage can make it or break it. If you eat a big burger, fries, and a soft drink right before heading to your massage you might not feel so great. Massage can trigger your digestive system and make it work better and harder. If you have a big meal before a massage, it might make you feel bloated and gross. Eat some fruits and veggies a couple hours before your massage to allow time for you to digest them. This will help you be more comfortable and prepared for the massage.
  2. Eating After Your Massage
    Same thing goes for eating after your massage. Eat nutritious foods, and don’t stuff yourself. Your body needs help recovering, so eating foods that are nutrient rich can help catalyze the recovery of your muscles.
  3. Coffee? 
    If your massage is scheduled in the morning, make sure you drink your cup of Joe before the massage and not after. The caffeine can cause the muscles to become tense. So, if you drink coffee after your massage it counteract the relaxation and loosening of your muscles. Instead of drinking a cup of coffee, substitute it for…
  4. Water
    It’s absolutely key that you drink a lot of water after your massage. When you massage tight muscles they loosen and release toxins, so drinking water helps flush all of this out of your body. Also, staying hydrated before your massage can help the massage therapist manipulate and work the muscles much more effectively. So, make sure you are drinking enough water before your massage as well.
  5. Take a Warm Shower
    Speaking of water, another good thing to do in preparation for a massage is to take a warm shower beforehand. This can help the muscles loosen up and relax a little bit before the massage begins. You can think of it like getting a head start.
  6. Time Your Workout 
    If you are planning on hitting the gym on the same day of your massage, do it before. The massage can be like a workout of it’s own. It has the potential to work your muscles much like exercise and cause some soreness. You will want to give yourself a little bit of R&R time after massage to allow your muscles to recover.
  7. Breathe
    Sometimes it can be easy to hold your breath during a massage, especially when the massage therapist hits a tender spot. Ironically, this is when it is most important to breathe deeply. Deep breathes can help your muscles get the oxygen they need to expand and relax, so chill and catch your breath.

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