Finding Your Competitive Edge With Sports Massage

Stoddard Worman
September 08, 2020

Sports massage has become one the most popular ways to stay on top of your game. If you’re a gym junkie or a sports enthusiast, sports massage can help you find a competitive edge. Sports massage really does help you stay active and on top of your game and here are few way how:

  • Circulation is said to improve after getting a massage. With more efficient circulation, your muscles will be able to both heal and perform better. With increased blood flow, your muscles will be able to receive the oxygen and nutrients that it needs to keep you in front of the competition.
  • Flexibility is another very important aspect of being competitive and pushing your body to the limit. If your muscles are tense, they aren’t going to move the way you want them to. Sports massage is the perfect way to make sure your muscles have their full range of motion.
  • Recovery time is important after any workout or exercise. Making sports massage part of your recovery process can help speed it up and make it more effective. Getting a massage can trigger your body to release the hormones that it needs to heal.
  • Injury is something that every athlete wants to avoid. Regular massage can help condition your muscles for high levels of activity. This can help you stay away from pinches, pulls, and tears that will keep you out off the field and out of the gym.
  • If you push your body to the limit, it uses alternative ways to create energy. Lactic acid is one example of this. If your body can’t supply oxygen fast enough to break down glucose for energy, it creates lactic acid to convert to energy. This lactic acid can build up quickly and cause problems like exhaustion, fatigue, nausea, and cramps. Sports massage can help release chemicals like lactic acid and help your body balance out after a intense workout.
  • Every serious athlete and fitness freak knows that the mental aspect is a big part of staying on top of the competition. Believe it or not, sports massage can really have a psychological effect on you. Having that time to relax and recoup from previous exercise sessions can help you get your head back in the game.
  • Incorporating regular massage into your routine can help boost energy levels. This can be a game changer! Having an extra burst of energy when everyone else is running low can help you get the win.

Where To Find A Sports Massage Therapist

At Indiana Wellness College, sports massage is a big part of our curriculum. Our Student Massage Clinic is a great place to experience sports massage and find out what the benefits are for yourself. Click to call and schedule an appointment to gain your competitive edge.


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