How to Have Healthy, Happy Winter Skin

December 14, 2021

For all its snowy beauty and cozy indoor vibes, the winter season can be a vulnerable time for our bodies. Our skin takes the brunt of the harsh cold, wind, and dry air – especially our faces, which are often the most exposed when the rest of our bodies are covered up. Have you noticed your skin beginning to change with the season? Well take heart, it is possible to have healthy, glowing skin during the wintertime with a few simple adjustments to your skincare practice!

Why is winter so hard on our skin?
The combination of cold temperatures and low humidity levels spells trouble for our skin, which relies on moisture and oil to maintain its natural barrier of protection. Being indoors more frequently than during warmer months, with the heat running, dries out our skin even further. All of these things weaken the skin’s barrier, causing more sensitivity so skin can become more easily irritated, red, or even flaky.


So what can be done?
Julie Powers, one of our excellent esthetics instructors, has a simple way to prioritize your skincare efforts during the winter months. Focus on:

  • preventing dehydration
  • soothing skin that has become dehydrated and irritated from the cold and fluctuating temperatures
  • preventing sun damage (UV rays can bounce off snow, so you need that SPF every bit as much in the winter as you do in the summer months!)

An important note: it's vital to distinguish between skin that is DRY - which is a genetic trait that you are born with and means that your skin underproduces sebum - and skin that is DEHYDRATED, which is something that can (and does) happen to everyone, regardless of your skin type, when your skin is losing water. During winter time your skin is at the greatest risk for dehydration, whether it is typically oily or not!

But how do you tweak your skincare routine in order to accomplish these goals? We asked our esthetics students to share their tips for healthy, happy winter skin. Here are their recommendations!...

*Be sure you are moisturizing your face and your hands! I like using hydrating masques to keep my skin hydrated.   - Jessica

*Yes, you STILL need SPF 🙂   - Caroline

*Skin can get dehydrated in the winter, which means it's losing water, not oil. I recommend using a hydrating toner or a rosewater mist during the day to rehydrate.  - DeeAnn

*Add Dermalogica's Barrier Repair to your skin care routine to keep your moisturizer locked in.   - Alex

*Great products for winter skin from Dermalogica: Skin Hydrating Masque, Super Rich Repair moisturizer, MultiActive Toner, SPF 30 Prisma Protect.   - Selena

*Sunscreen is still a must, even in the winter. Stay Hydrated!  - Julia

*Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated inside, mist your face throughout the day with a hydrating toner!   - Michelle

*Even though it's cold, SPF is still important!   - Alli

*Super Rich Repair is a lifesaver for my winter skin!   - Betsy

*Make sure that you are keeping your skin hydrated!   - India

*Protecting skin from dehydration is important, so drink plenty of water and use deep repair products, like hydrating masques, overnight.   – Electra



If your winter skin is still struggling after these adjustments or you would like personalized recommendations for your skin, book a facial at our esthetics student clinic! As a bonus, the relaxing experience might also help keep the winter blues at bay.

And If you’re feeling inspired by some of the Dermalogica products our students mentioned above, we do sell a number of Dermalogica products on site, so stop by or give us a call!

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