Brittney Tuttle

Academic/Clinic Logistics Coordinator
CMT since 2015. Brittney is a proud graduate of IWC for both Massage Therapy and Esthetics. She started working with the company as a clinic coach worked up to clinic manager, then instructor, and finally to academic manager. She also currently works part-time at a spa. She is extremely passionate about helping students and clients. Regardless of if it is a massage session or a class, she pours all of her energy into it so that everyone has the best possible experience. Brittney chose IWC because of the values and culture at the school. It feels like a family. When she is going through positive or negative things, IWC is right there to pick her up or cheer her on. She has never worked or gone to a school where she felt so supported. IWC has helped her grow into a stronger, more confident person and therapist. She doesn’t know where she would be without IWC!
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