Jason R. Craft

Director of Education

Jason R. Craft (LMT, BA, GTP), Director of Education & IWC Owner/Member is the head curriculum designer for IWC.  Jason holds a truly geeky passion for curriculum and process systemization to better student outcomes.  Having attended colleges in both the US and England, his sense of humor is quirky so expect oddball jokes and outdated pop-cultural references to aid in learning medical terminology.  Jason studied Anatomy at the University of Utah cadaver labs where he saw dead people and has worked at multiple career training schools including having designed 2 full massage curriculums with National Licensing Exam pass rates consistently exceeding national averages.  Having worked in a variety of spa and medical settings as well as having run private massage practices, Jason continues to see the need for massage as a part of Integrated Wellness for the public.  Jason is also inspired by the significant change massage makes in the lives of his students who find purpose and economic benefit from a career in bodywork.

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