Shamilah Jermison

Esthetics Instructor

Shamilah Jermison is a mother of two girls and owns 2 small businesses. Shamilah grew up in the performing arts. She was accepted to Butler University for their prestigious dance program in 2011. Shamilah started teaching dance to preschoolers at the age of 17 and has since taught different styles of dance up to ages 50+. Shamilah has a love for encouraging growth in whatever area positively fits your purpose. She became an Esthetician in 2016 and a Nail Tech in 2018. When Shamilah was in school she instantly knew that she wanted to be an Esthetics Instructor. She said, “I want to be able to help others find their purpose and grow their love for skincare. For me, it is more than just giving facials; It is also helping our clients to love the skin they’re in. The satisfaction from that alone is so satisfying.” Shamilah chose IWC because when she walked in the door she could tell this was a school like no other. She felt positive and warm energy immediately. This is the type of place that she saw herself teaching at, and is SO excited that she chose this school to help you reach your fullest potential as an esthetician.

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